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Some  facts about Canada

The Eskimos and the Indians.

The Eskimo is a very creative man. He lives where there are  few raw materials, yet he has invented a great number  of things. Not only tents, canoes and clothes of skins. Combs and buttons of ivory, dog sleds, snowshoes, games and toys for his children, lamps, spoons, pipes and tools – he has made all these things.

Unlike the Eskimos, the Indians of Canada are found everywhere in the country. Some live in reservations, others live in the general community.

Schools. In Canada, when the geese fly south in the autumn, the school bells ring and everywhere across the land children sit again at their desks. Some of the schools are modern buildings, some have only one or two rooms. On the prairies, children from distant farms go by bus to big schools. In Quebec, children and teachers speak French. Schoolbooks are written in French.

Games and sports. Canadians, both children and adults, play different games- baseball, football, volleyball, ice- hockey, tennis and a great number of other games. Ice-hockey is Canada’s national sport, and everyone from a grandfather down to the youngest child is a fan.

Children take the skis and skates almost as soon as they can walk, and snowshoes in some places are standard equipment for getting to school.



Canada has the population of about 34 million, most of them living within 200 km of the US-Canada border. Large areas further north are quite sparsely populated and some are nearly uninhabited wilderness.

В Канаде проживает около 34 миллионов человек, большинство из которых живут в пределах 200 км от границы между США и Канадой. Большие районы на севере довольно малонаселенные, а некоторые — почти необитаемые дикие места.

Столица Канады

There are many beautiful modern cities in Canada, each of them is special and attractive to tourists. Ottawa is a Canada’s capital, this city has many national government monuments like Parliament Hill, many major museums like the National Gallery, cool urban districts like the ByWard Market, and great old architecture. В Канаде много прекрасных современных городов, каж

В Канаде много прекрасных современных городов, каждый из которых является особенным и привлекательным для туристов. Оттава — столица Канады. В этом городе много национальных правительственных памятников, таких как Парламент Хилл, многие крупные музеи, такие как Национальная галерея, прохладные городские кварталы, такие как Байворд-маркет и старинная архитектура.

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